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Small Business Marketing Consultant - Robert C. Brown

Meet Robert C. Brown. Robert is one of the leading experts specializing in results based marketing. He was recently ranked in the top 5% most viewed business people on LinkedIn which boasts an active user base of over 225 million people. One of Robert’s many success stories is that of a real estate company that he helped go from a position of debt to 7 figures in just 12 months.

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Colin Rowe Testimonial - Robert C. Brown“Robert has completely change my business. As soon as I started working with him I immediately noticed that he thinks differently to any other consultant I’ve worked with. He has outside-the-box ideas that are sure to kick-start anybodies business.”

– Colin Rowe – Financial Consultant UK


From The Desk of: Robert Brown
Location: United Kingdom

Hey – It’s  Robert C. Brown 🙂

I’ve been delivering premium marketing consulting, courses and programmes on a worldwide scale for well over 15 years and I’ve had the honour of working with some awesome businesses and help them increase their customer intake and profits through implementing tactical marketing strategies that are PROVEN

But It’s Time For Change…

hunger-413685However, I’m now looking to do some more work specifically local to me…. And by local I mean UK based businesses.

That’s why I’ve devised this FREE 3 module video training course, that’s been specifically designed to help business owners in the UK (Yes YOU), to attract more customers using 3 ‘tried and tested’ marketing strategies that straight up work.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside this FREE training course:

  • The powerful strategy that all 7 figure businesses currently follow and how you can too to achieve similar results
  • The 4 ‘every day’ words that are transforming businesses lead generation results, whilst saving them a ton of money
  • The proven, ethical way that successful businesses raise their prices and have their customers LOVE them for it
  • The one “thing” that keeps the wealthy businesses one step ahead of their competitors and how YOU can copy it today



What Would It Mean If You Could Comfortably Add An Extra £10k – £20k To Your Monthly Turnover?

anger-18615_640Are sick and tired of working endless hours in your business, sacrificing time with your loved ones in an attempt at getting that major breakthrough in your business but never feeling like your getting anywhere fast?

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there too!

Marketing your business can be tough…

There’s no two ways about it.

But I got through the difficult stages in marketing and managed to grow multiple successful business from the ground up and I now consult with other business using the same principles that saved me.

One of my favourite success stories of mine is that of a property investment consultancy business that I helped go from a position of debt to earning 7 figures a year in JUST 12 months whilst helping them to secure deals with high-level entertainers and sports personalities.

Believe it or not, despite how difficult it can be to market your business successfully, there is a F.O.R.M.U.L.A…

… There are actionable steps that you can take in order to start seeing the results YOU WANT immediately.

So, with that being said, I decided to put together this free 3 module video training course, that will teach you the 3 ‘tried and tested’ marketing strategies that straight up work and how YOU can copy them today

If this sounds interested to you, please click the ‘get access button’ below to watch the training for FREE:


Happy Clients With Growing Businesses

Yolande Demirian – France

Rocky O’Brien – UK

Nancy Aingworth – United States

Susan Searle – UK

A Couple Of Final Words

I take what I do very seriously…

… And that’s because I know how hard it can be to get the support and guidance you need to grow as a business owner in the UK.

Businesses just like YOURS are the lifeblood of this country and I’m determined to help you succeed in getting the results you crave.

I strongly urge you (if you’re serious about changing the results in your business for the better and increasing your profits) to grab this free video course (worth £97.95) and start making positive strides in your business NOW.


Thanks for taking the time to listen to me today, I appreciate it a lot 🙂

Anyway, grab your free training and I’ll see you in the videos!