Meet Robert C. Brown

Robert C. Brown is one of the leading authorities in rapid business growth & turnaround, and his impressive track-record has seen him regarded by many as one of the top business growth experts in the world.

Robert has been coaching entrepreneurs and businesses for the last two decades and has cultivated an impressive track-record of success helping businesses succeed under some of the most high-pressure situations.

Robert is widely respected amongst industry leaders as being one of the most experienced and genuine business growth experts & mentors in the world. Robert is renowned for his communication skills, enthusiasm and ability to get you motivated about achieving more and creating more success.

One of Robert’s many success stories is that os a property investment company that he helped go from a position of debt to 7 figures in just 12 months, whilst helping them secure deals with-profile sports people and entertainers.

Favourite Success Story:

“How I transformed a downtrodden property investment company with a mountain of unpaid debt into the #1 company in their industry, earning 7 figures per year and helping them sign deals with professional sport stars & entertainers.”

A few years ago, I had the extraordinary pleasure of working with a UK based property investment company who were really struggling to move their business forward due to the ever increasing pressure of debt piling up on them. It was around 2002 when they came to me for advice and immediately I could see that they were a good company, with a good services and run by good people. They didn’t deserve the struggle that they were incurring. But immediately, I could also see exactly what they were doing wrong, and I knew that they were within a few simple tweaks of the success they craved and deserved. Now this was a similar mistake I see a lot of businesses make on a daily basis. I would say probably around 8 out of 10 businesses that I come into contact with make this same mistake and it’s costing them potentially millions of dollars in profit.

Here’s what they were doing wrong… They were absolutely fantastic at selling property investment deals. Amongst the best in the business.

But… … They were AWFUL at selling themselves.

The key to becoming successful at selling is to become attractive to your clients and customers and most importantly offering them something that they are not going to get anywhere else, which is the art of making yourself, your sales process, your products and your services unique to you. Most businesses make the mistake of following the same methods of their competitors and believe that if they ‘do what they do and just do it better’ is good enough….

It’s NOT.

You need to become instantly recognisable, instantly unique, instantly attractive and the only way of doing that is by going against the grain and thinking outside of the box. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about becoming the expert and being someone who is see as an authority, a guide for the seekers, a trusted advisor and someone who gives great content that actually helps them 100% of the time.

This particular property investment company had literally no capital. They had no budget for marketing. So to fix this problem and avoid any more debt piling up, I knew I wouldn’t be able to throw money at marketing campaigns because they didn’t have any. What I needed to do was to help them rebrand and reposition themselves as the #1 property investment company in their market. Credit to them, because they absolutely jumped wholeheartedly into implementing what I taught them. So instead of cultivating ads and spending thousands on media advertising, I gave them two things to do:

  1. Create a USP. A unique selling proposition that would differentiate themselves instantly and give them an immediate advantage over their customers and
  2. Focus on creating 100% FREE reports, mp3’s, books and articles that would build rapport with their target market and provide solutions and answers to their most burning questions about investing in property.

This allowed them to quickly build their image as the authorities, the experts, the trusted advisors and the #1 property investment company in their market because they were PROVIDING VALUE for FREE and making understanding the whole process of investing in property less confusing for the market. They became contributors to the market place and they were immediately value by their market. They instantly became the voice for their market.

These two simple changes took this property investment company from a position of debt to 7 figures in just 12 months. And I know that if you implement these same principles they can do the EXACT same for you.

I knew that they were more than capable of achieving this epic result. And that’s exactly what I wanted for them. I wanted them to be able to get the results their incredible service, hard work and dedication deserved. Suddenly, they were debt free, earning 7 figures per year and had people lining up to work with them. And they did this with NO marketing money, NO skills at selling themselves and a bunch of debt on their heads. Which is why I ask you:

If they can do it, surely you can too, right?